Call for Action Days on the 18th and 19th July. RiseUp 4 the Revolution– Against Colonialism, Fascism, Patriarchy and Femicides, Ecological Destruction, and all forms of oppression around the World –19th July – the 8th anniversary of the Rojava revolution; the Nicaraguan and Spanish revolution. The 19th July is an important day for the whole world; not only historically, but also in our present dayand time; important for everyone fighting against fascism and building up the world we want to live in!

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On the 19th July, 8 years ago, the biggest revolution of the 21st century started in Kobanê, Rojava, in anunstoppable advance against the fascism of our time. The Rojava revolution is a beacon of hope forother parts of Syria, the wider Middle East, and indeed the whole world. The essential element of theserevolutions is the liberation of women. Rojava is a women’s revolution. It is the example of how aradically-democratic, social-ecologial, women liberated society and reality looks based on the ideas ofdemocratic confederalism, proposed by Abdullah Öcalan. Here in Rojava/North-East Syria, a reality islived where women, the youth, ethnic and religious minorities decide in autonomous confederalstructures of how to live, coming together and succeeding – together with the global resistancemovement – against the forces that have oppressed us for decades.

History has proven to us that if we stand up and fight together, see connections, learn from one another,and make the revolutions of the past and present our own, we will succeed!Therefore, let us also celebrate on this day, the victory against fascism in Nicaragua in 1979. After along and hard struggle, the fascist, military dictatorship of the Somoza family was smashed, and theway to socialist politics was opened, especially with great improvements on educational andagricultural topics. The revolution in Nicaragua as well as the Rojava revolution follow the heritage ofinternationalism, and the common fight against fascism by being also influenced ideologically andpractically by other revolutions in the past and present. We will also never forget and are following into the footsteps of the working class uprisal on 19th July1936 against the attempt of the fascist coup d’état of the nationalist movement in the Spanish state.With weapons in the hands of the people, the working class defeated fascism in the main cities,declaring the social revolution in Catalunya and Aragon. The heroic resistance, and the commoninternationalist struggle in the form of 50 thousands volunteers in the International Brigades is anexample for our struggle today.

Today, hundreds of volunteers from all around the world are joining the revolutionary struggle inRojava/North-East Syria, coming to learn and participate in the women’s revolution, which takesgender liberation as its base for building up a world without fascism anymore and anywhere;understanding that the development of patriarchy throughout history shapes our oppressive system oftoday. Together with the global resistance movement, we are in a common struggle against fascism,following the examples of the Internationalist Brigades, the struggle against colonialism andimperialism in Algeria, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and the innumerable uprisings against capitalistmodernity, and hence imperialism all over the world. Without overcoming patriarchal mentality, wewill not be able to overcome capitalism, colonialism and fascism.Democratic Modernity versus Capitalist modernity in our timesThere are two basic systems of conflict with one another today; the system of capitalist modernity,supporting the rise of fascism; and the system of democratic modernity with all freedom-loving anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal, internationalist forces of the world!

Today, capitalist modernity and the fascism in the Middle East is materialised in the form of DAESH and the fascist Turkish state, with all their global supporters, especially US-imperialism and the wider internationalcoalition with NATO. But the forces of democratic modernity, in the vanguard of the youth, women,oppressed and ethnic minorities as well as the labouring people, are not accepting the attempts ofgenocide and occupation, and are continuing to fight for and to build up the alternative we want to livein! Especially, in times, when attempts are made to increase the occupation in the whole of Kurdistan withrecent military operations and daily bombings, aiming at destroying the greatest revolution of the 21 stcentury; in times, when colonialism, and fascism are on the rise, and express themselves clearly as an integralpart of all nation-states around the world, using also Covid-19 as an excuse for authoritarian measures; in times, when racist police violence, racist attacks, and xenophobia are increasing all around theworld, as we are witnessing with the racist killing of George Floyd in the US, with the racist attacks in Hanau in Germany, and with the global situation of refugees at borders and in camps; in times, when femicides are state practice as the recent bombings in Kobanê by the fascist Turkishstate show, killing women activists, working on women’s self-organisation and liberation, and when everyday the patriarchal mentality is killing women and non-binary people around the world; in times, when the ecological destruction of our planet has taken on a tremendous form, and the profit of capitalists is put over the social needs of peoples and future generations; in these times, we, as the global resistance movement, are already RISING UP 4 THE REVOLUTION!

We are the forces, loving freedom and humanity, and we are not only resisting these attacks but are also building the alternative we envision. We are following all those who fell in the struggle for humanity, dignity and freedom; who gave their lives for a better world, and whose memory we are keeping alive by making the struggle our own, and continuing on their path.

We, as Women Defend Rojava, the Internationalist Commune, and RiseUp4Rojava, are, therefore, calling for global action days on the 18th and 19th July against colonialism, fascism, patriarchy andfemicides, ecological destruction, and all forms of oppression. We will demonstrate, occupy, blockade,protest in creative forms all around the world, and show our common antifascist struggle in one front,letting the ones who prevent us from living in dignity and freedom know what we think of them.Therefore, we are calling upon everyone to join these actions days and to share them with us! We RISE UP 4 THE REVOLUTION!The revolution in the Middle East, and all around the world will win – fascism will be crushed.Long live international solidarity!